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How old does a rabbit have to be to be taken off of alfalfa hay? When do you start feeding it timothy hay?

Alfalfa hay is not the best hay for rabbits, timothy hay is much healthier. How old is your rabbit?

You can start mixing in the timothy hay with the alfalfa. First a quater timothy, then half, then 3/4 , then full feeding.

My rabbit was being fed timothy hay since she was 2 1/2 months. If your bunny is eating alfalfa hay, then it should be able to eat timothy.

The feeding routine I listed above is good to follow, just add more timothy every 3-5 days.

Good luck, I hope this helps!!


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Having raised rabbits for over 16 years and we have NEVER fed alfalfa hay to any of the rabbits. it is way too rich and since the pellets they eat are made of alfalfa it should not be fed as a hay supplement.

Too much protein (which alfalfa is high in) can cause kidney problems in rabbits. They will also gain internal fat around the organs which can cause all sorts of problems.

Always feed a mix grass or timothy hay to rabbits. That is the best choice.How old does a rabbit have to be to be taken off of alfalfa hay? When do you start feeding it timothy hay?
Well i got my rabbit when he was 6 months old and he had already started eating hay. Alfaalfa hay is not as goood for rabbits timothy hay is better.

Try this link (it's a game):鈥?/a>

Do you let your rabbit free roam around the house like a cat and a dog?

I am getting a rabbit, and dont really want to cage it. After I train it, can I jsut leave it around the house hopping around?Do you let your rabbit free roam around the house like a cat and a dog?
I have three house bunnies.

one has free roam of the kichen only, but that is because he has not been fixed and when I recieved him the vet said he was to old to put hin under the stress. He is turning 10 this year.

My two little ones Princess and Marshmallow have free roam of the house with the exception of the kitchen. They have litterboxes set out and for the most part they use them....

Not saying we never find marbles on the floor........

I give them plenty of things to chew on and hid all the cords seeing this seems to be the favorite item to chew on.......

The two of them seem to be quite happy and healthy.......

They do have hutches in the living room where they can go to hide or sleep when thy want but the cats kitty condo seems to be their fav sleeping spot.Do you let your rabbit free roam around the house like a cat and a dog?
I gave my bunny free roam of my kitchen, laundry room (where his hutch was), living room and family room, all of which I bunny-proofed.

It's OK to restrict a house rabbit to just a few rooms. As long as you make sure there is nothing poisonous or dangerous they can get into, electric cords they can chew, or tight spaces they can't get out of. Just make sure you provide a litter box for it, and be prepared to clean up after it sometimes.
I have never had a rabbit inside but i do know that you can litter train them so i can't see why not.

I know of someone who had a rabbit outside that had free run of the garden. She had a hutch that she would go in her self for her food, water and for sleep times. The garden was fully fenced though...but she used to eat their flowers!! LOL

Good Luck!
Yes but you have to rabbit proof the room first. Rabbits love to chew on cords and wire. But first you should litter train your rabbit so that you wont have a messy floor. plats need to be out of reach. Rabbits can jump onto furniture. for more details checkout the the book ';The Simple Guide to Rabbits'; it gives the full list of plants poisonous to rabbits.
I have a pet rabbit that sleeps on my bed. I feed it in the laundry and have a cat litter tray for it. I trained it in the laundry at first to go to the cat litter and then gradually let it into the rest of the house. It goes to the cat litter just like a cat. Jumps up on the bed to cuddle up for the night. I wouldn't be able to cage my rabbit. Just watch out if it wants to sneak outside or if someone leaves the door open. Also watch out if you have any cats or dogs that come into your house.
When we are home to supervise our bunnies, they are let out. Ours live in a good sized rabbit proofed room and many have their bunnies living in a dog exercise pen - much more room than a cage. Personally I feel they are safer and our house is safer with them in their room when we're not home to supervise. since they sleep most of the day and night, and they seem to like their room, we think it's a good solution. Ours are well litter box trained and always go ';home'; to use their box.

Whether they are free roam or only out when you're home here are some tips on rabbit proofing:鈥?/a>
I have had 'house rabbits' before. You must know they chew EVERYTHING 9including your bedsheets, we learned). Also, while mine always peed in their box, I could never train them to poo in it. Your best bet might be to have a cage and let them out only when you can supervise for their safety.

In the book east of eden, who is the character of Rabbit?

I'm on page 205, and deputy Horace and Julius are questioning Adam on how he got shot. The character of Rabbit has just been mentioned.In the book east of eden, who is the character of Rabbit?
Bugs bunnyIn the book east of eden, who is the character of Rabbit?
a drunken farmer named Rabbit Holman
Just have to keep reading...

You could check out this site but dont ruin the story before you read it!鈥?/a>

How many channels can rabbit ears get?

I just moved to Carlsbad, CA and don't want to pay a lot for cable tv. My apartment complex has limited options, none of which I am happy with. I'd like to try rabbit ears or a small antenna but I'm not sure how many channels I will actually get or how clear they will be. I do have one unit above me but live high on a hill. Anyone have a guess? Anyone live in the area and have experience with this?How many channels can rabbit ears get?
if you don't have a digital tv make sure you have a box and you should be fine but thoose boxes are ****.How many channels can rabbit ears get?
If you have an old analog TV, you won't get any signal without a digital converter box. This site ranks some:


With rabbit ears and a digital converter box, the signals you get depend on your location and the signal strength of the local TV stations. Sorry that's a vague answer, but it's a fact. Most likely, you will be able to pick up your major affiliates -- NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox -- as those tend to have the strongest antennae.

Don't spend a lot on a pair of rabbit ears. The old pair you have should be fine; if it's not, you can go to Radio Shack and pick up any TV antenna there. Don't pay over $25 (and you can probably get by with $10-15).
5 channels i live in cali and trust me TV sucks with no money I cry every time i turn on the tv for a year now and have learned to use hulu

to catch up on all my tv shows i used to watch on cable man it sucks

you can also get mp3 rocket and they play mtv on there also its the cheap way to go when you dont have money鈥?/a>
rabbit ears are limited but RCA makes an electric set that plugs in the wall. It has 45db of power. I used these for quite some time and if you are within 35-45 miles of the TV transmitting tower they work very well.

As for how many channels you will get that depends on how many stations are close by.

You can buy these antennas at Wal-mart for about 29.00
Though I don't live in that region, with my personal experiences, I get about 12 channels which include a couple multi-lingual channels, NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS, UPS, PBS, CW...etc...
None. The US Government switched to Digital, you will need a converter box.
My guess is that rabbit ears won't pull in much. Find out what your neighbors' reception is like.

How big should a rabbit cage be?

For a jersey wooly and her litter? I have a cage it is 1 foot 10 inches in width and 2 feet 8 inches in length it has a shelve too. Would than be big enough?How big should a rabbit cage be?
Um, what do you mean by litter? Haha. If you mean litter BOX than:

It's generally recommended that the cage be 2 by 4 feet minimum. This allows them to stretch out their full length when they lay down. She will need LOTS of out-of-cage exercise time, though. A larger cage would be better.

If you mean litter of babies then:

I would say that the same standard (a 2' x 4' cage) should be enough for a litter of babies; you will have to upgrade when they start getting bigger so they all have room.

As an additional note, you need to get your female rabbit spayed once the babies are weaned. Having a litter puts her at a higher risk of ovarian/uterine cancer, and spaying her will completely get rid of the possibility of cancer when she gets older. In addition, you do not want to contribute any more to the rabbit overpopulation problem.

Is goat meat and rabbit meat good for you?

We have a store where I live is now selling goat and rabbit meat now is it good for you?Is goat meat and rabbit meat good for you?
I had goat meat in the UK, Wales and it was OK but rabbit is better in my opinion
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  • My 5 year old rabbit has started laying down today which he never does and he is shaking from time to time?

    He is always been healthy without any problems. His eyes are clear, and his ears are up. I do not know if he ate something he wasnt supposed to or ?? any ideas would help.My 5 year old rabbit has started laying down today which he never does and he is shaking from time to time?
    I actaully have 4 rabbits myself and one of them is very very ill and is in the hopital. The symtoms you said are exactly like my rabbits. I would go ASAP to the vet. are an animale hospital near you. I really hope he will be alright soon. :)My 5 year old rabbit has started laying down today which he never does and he is shaking from time to time?
    He needs to go to the vet ASAP. Call and schedule an appointment for today.
    get him to a vet, asap, the shaking is not a good sign. Good Luck.
    I had a rabbit that did the same thing. He was having small seizures. Please take your bunny to the vet ASAP!