Friday, May 14, 2010

How can I persuade my Mum to let me have a rabbit?

We have some hamsters but I'm going to high school in September so I won't be around - but I KNOW I can look after him/her properly! Any suggestions?How can I persuade my Mum to let me have a rabbit?
First, buy and read one or two books on the subject of raising rabbits. I like ';Raising Rabbits the Modern Way'; by Bob Bennett. That will give you the knowledge you need before getting a rabbit. Next, build a cage for it and set it up with a feeder and water bottle. Last, buy a bag of pelleted rabbit feed. When you have done these things it shouldn't be too hard to convince your parents that you're ready to care for a rabbit.How can I persuade my Mum to let me have a rabbit?
I suggest you don't question your mothers descision on the subject. If you do, you are just proving you are too immature to get another pet, and she is right.

Prove her wrong by being sensible about it. Insteadof trying to convince her, say:

'That's fine Mom, thanks anyway. Maybe we can get a rabbit when I'm older or you think I can handle it'

That will prove to her that you are mature, and then she will let you get a rabbit when she thinks everyone is ready.

Have patience and manners. And also respect for your parents at all times.

Think about it; If you had a rabbit but one day had to give it away, would you give it to this kid:

'Awwwww but I want the rabbit! Don't give that person the rabbit! OMG I can SOOOOO look after that rabbit! Why don't you give it to me? Awww you are so UNFAIR! I HATE YOU.'

Or this kid:

'I think I can look after that rabbit really well, and I would really love her! If you decide to give her to me soon I would be really happy and grateful - but it's your choice because I know you know whats best'
If your mum is anything like my mum, you can die the thought... You see, I waited many years til I had my own house to get my pet rabbit. Haha! Good luck with your mum!
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