Monday, January 18, 2010

Why does my rabbit keep sneezing?

I've googled and googled and I haven't come up with anything. Most of the results show other symptoms (ie: loss of energy, runny nose, gooey eyes, etc.)

However, my rabbit just keeps sneezing, in random bouts, with no other symptoms. Just as active (and noisy!) as ever; with no runny nose or gooey eyes? Any ideas?

One idea I have, and maybe someone can confirm this for me, is that moving them indoors for the winter may carry with it too much weirdness as far as the dusty-indoor-air goes?Why does my rabbit keep sneezing?
My opinion wouldn't favour towards it being dusty but If the rabbit use to be outside eating grass there could be a grass blade stuck at the back of the mouth behind the soft palate, there is no discharge with this but just constant sneezing. The only way to remove it is with veterinary help - sedation and removale. You can not see it in a concious animal as you have to be able to move the soft palate out of the way. I have definately heard of it happening many times in cats and dogs. I'm sure it could be possible for rabbits alike.Why does my rabbit keep sneezing?
maybe has a cold
It sounds like she has pasturella. She needs to be seen by a doctor so that she can receive the right antibiotics. You can find a vet at
cause he's fluffy...


no, its probably the environment change. if he has no other symptoms, i don't think id worry too much
It could be that he adjusted to the indoor enviroment, and now that he is outdoors, new smells are getting to him. He may have some allergies. If your really concerned, I would get him a check up at the vet. Gotta make sure he can deliver his eggs this easter...ya know! LOL
dont worry, its just because of some weather change or he must be allurgic to something, i had the same problem with my hare but it turned out he was sniffing in some dust, every things cool, if thing doesnt get better in 1-2 days take him to a vet.
Sneezing and runny nose may mean the rabbit has a cold. Give your bunny plenty of hay and straw to keep it warm. It can also be a reaction to bits of dirt in the air, dusty bedding or the use of strong disinfectants near your bunny. Do not confuse occasional sneezing with the snuffles. The symptoms are frequent coughing and sneezing, and runny nose. The fur on the pads becomes wet and sticky. If you think the has the Snuffles you need to go to the vet.

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